Aken Sports Group was established in 2017 by Ken Shaw, stemming from his dedication to assisting his former players with their contracts and advising their agents on what to include in those contracts.
Furthermore, Shaw played a crucial role in helping his players gain admission to Division I colleges.

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Ken Shaw

Ken Shaw is the founder of Aken Sports Group. He's an ex-coach with over 20 years of experience helping develop young athletes who want to go to college and beyond.

Ken Shaw’s – Football Coaching Career Timeline

  • 2024: Sotomayor High School – Offensive Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach
  • 2023: Compton College – Recruiting Coordinator & Assistant Offensive Coach
  • 2019: Hawthorne High School – Varsity Assistant Coach & JV Offensive Coordinator
  • 2018: Leuzinger High School – Varsity Wide Receiver Coach & JV Offensive Coordinator
  • 2017: Ribet Academy – Assistant Head Coach & Offensive Line Coach
  • 2016-2015: Compton College – Running Backs Coach & Assistant Offensive Coordinator
  • 2014-2013: East Los Angeles College – Wide Receiver Coach, Passing Game Coordinator & Recruiting Coordinator
  • 2011-2010: Eagle Rock High School – Defensive Line Coach
  • 2009: LA Harbor College – Recruiting Assistant
  • 2008: Eagle Rock High School – Offensive Coordinator, Offensive Line Coach & Assistant Head Coach
  • 2007: East Los Angeles College – Recruiting Coordinator & Assistant Head Coach
  • 2006: Los Angeles Pierce College – Recruiting Coordinator, Running Backs Coach & Defensive Line Coach
  • 2005-2003: Pasadena City College – Recruiting Coordinator & Defensive Line Assistant Coach
  • 2002: Marshall Fundamental High School – Varsity Defensive Line Coach & JV Defensive Coordinator
  • 2001: Garfield High School – Varsity & JV Defensive Line Coach

Girls’ Basketball Coaching Resume

Eagle Rock High School

Associate Head Coach, Girls Basketball
September 2008 – March 2017

  • Role: Associate Head Coach
  • Responsibilities and achievements: [Briefly describe your responsibilities, achievements, and any notable contributions to the team’s performance, development of players, etc.]

Ribet Academy

Associate Head Coach, Girls Basketball
April 2017 – March 2019

  • Role: Associate Head Coach and Recruiting Coordinator
  • Responsibilities and achievements: [Briefly describe your responsibilities, including aspects of recruiting, achievements, team development, player development, and any specific successes.]
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